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We are Marshall Murray

We source sculpture and photography from some of Britain's finest artists. We advise on unique sculptural commissions, offering expert guidance from initial consultation through to installation.

We show art from a stable of primarily British sculptors, or those working in British studios, sprinkled with a selection of our very favourite international artists.

Our stable of artists is kept deliberately limited; we hold that a gallery should have a clear voice rather targeting something for everyone. Therefore we only show pieces that we love from artists that we are proud to represent.

For those that would like to see our pieces up close we both host exhibitions and symposia, as well as attend a small number of prestigious shows in England and continental Europe. We also provide a market-leading visualisation process for clients, enabling them to see how a piece would look in their own property prior to purchase.

Whether you are looking to invest in art, commission a new piece or purchase a sculpture for your home, we can support you throughout the process.  Purchasing art should be fun, let us show you how.