"Daydreamer", John O'Connor 2015

We are not a TRADITIONAL gallery.

There are plenty of those.  We do not hold short term exhibitions with the intent to show you art from a small handful of artists.  Nor do we carry the vast overheads of a white cube in the heart of the city, costs which can discourage taking chances or trialling new ideas.

We are a network, a guide, a go-between.  We represent a huge array of talent across various mediums; from the world's most established to the next generation of artists.  Working with you to find the perfect piece of art for your needs, rather than trying to sell you those pieces that we have chosen to show.  In honesty we do not want to "sell" you anything, but would rather you chose to buy something that you could not bear to part with.

We do not have something for everyone.

That would feel like compromise.  Or desperation.  We carefully select works that meets our exacting standards, and see little benefit in working with artists or clients for whom we are a bad match.  If we do not share enough commonalities with your own tastes then how could we find your ideal piece?

If we feel that we can help, and you are good enough to start a conversation, then the possibilities are endless.  We arrange commissions, find hidden treasures in artist's studios that have never been shown, source limited editions and run events from symposia to private viewings.

WE understand our clients' needs.

Some buy artworks they love them too much to be parted from them, others as shrewd purchases to increase in value.  Most find themselves somewhere between these positions.  

Whether you are vaguely interested the work appreciating over time, or feel that price is nothing but a number , we can guide you through the benefits and risks from installation to appreciation.