Oliver has an expertise in the interplay between art and landscape, with a focus on large-scale sculpture.  

Supplying art for some of the world's top exterior designers and exhibitions, his love of gardens and the public square is a key influence on his taste palette.  As a former designer he loves customer-specific solutions, understanding the needs of a client is paramount as he has been one.  This is partly why he founded the gallery, to offer a service-driven company that went further than solely showing art.

Oliver gets extremely, perhaps overly, excited about the way in which art can change the way that people interact with space.  Whether working closely with designers, or curating projects directly with clients, he loves collaborating with similarly passionate people.  His knowledge of sculpture, combined with such broad experience of curation projects, can prove very useful to those faced by unbounded choice. 

On a personal level Oliver is a rather average Real Tennis player, a voracious reader and an extremely proud uncle of 5.

Oliver & 'Luna' an angel form by David Begbie and installed in a former chapel in southern France

Oliver & 'Luna' an angel form by David Begbie and installed in a former chapel in southern France


oliver set the company up to be an alternative to the traditional gallery model.

The usual way to sell art is based on short-term shows of specific works, trying to actively market and sell these for a limited time.  We find this prescriptive, instead focussing on helping you to find the perfect pieces from a wide network of artists.  If this ideal work does not exist we will arrange a commission, working with you to develop your project.

Coming from a design background, Oliver is passionate about the integration of art and space, and all of those wonderful moments when exciting drawings on paper become completed projects.

Photography courtesy of Kat Kurilovich and Darren Arthur.