Oliver has an expertise in the interplay between art and landscape, with a focus on large-scale sculpture.  

Supplying art for some of the world's top exterior designers and exhibitions, his love of gardens and the public square is a key influence on his taste palette.  As a former designer he loves customer-specific solutions, understanding the needs of a client is paramount as he has been one.  This is partly why he founded the gallery, to offer a service-driven company that went further than solely showing art.

Oliver gets extremely, perhaps overly, excited about the way in which art can change the way that people interact with space.  Whether working closely with designers, or curating projects directly with clients, he loves collaborating with similarly passionate people.  His knowledge of sculpture, combined with such broad experience of curation projects, can prove very useful to those faced by unbounded choice. 

On a personal level Oliver is a rather average Real Tennis player, a voracious reader and an extremely proud uncle of 5.

Oliver and Peter, doubtless deep in intellectual conversation (over a glass of wine in the sunshine). 

Oliver and Peter, doubtless deep in intellectual conversation (over a glass of wine in the sunshine). 


Peter has been working in the field of corporate art for more than 35years.

In 1978 he founded and was Chairman of International Art Consultants, one of the leading consultancies advising companies worldwide on the benefits and best practices of corporate art programmes. 

Peter has served as Chairman of the Wapping Arts Trust since 1986, a Charity in the UK that promotes the integration of art into living and working environments, and sits on the board of other charities concerned with the arts . The Trust has organised the Art & Work Awards, which, over many years, have rewarded achievements by artists, architects and organizations for their contributions to the field. It has also held educational workshops and conferences in London, Paris, Brussels and New York

Peter is the co-author of the book A Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide and has contributed many articles on the subject of art in the working and living environment.

Having grown too old for tennis (just) he is now looking forward to starting a new pursuit on the golf course.


Photography courtesy of Kat Kurilovich and Darren Arthur.