We are not a traditional gallery, but rather art advisors.  Though we run exhibitions, showcase art and indeed share many similarities with galleries we go further.  Across the broad span of services that we provide there are three consistent pillars upon which we have built our company.

Galleries try to sell work by artists, we help you to find artists whose work you wish to buy.  The difference is subtle but critical.

Whatever your art requirements are we will give you frank and honest advice.  If we do not feel we are the right fit for your project we will tell you, as we would rather have fewer clients for whom we can provide excellent service.

Curate. Create. Collaborate.  More than a tagline, these three words underpin the essence of our are the bedrock of our company.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see
— Edgar Degas

Talk of our belief that art can change a space may feel insubstantial, so below are some examples of projects we have worked on previously.